• Modern Calligraphy Workshops

    "I really enjoyed the workshop last Saturday.  Sandra was very informative and delightful" Sandra first contacted me about hiring furniture for her wedding from our hire company, Vintage Style Hire and I noticed at the end of her email she was a Calligrapher.  I have wanted to go on a Modern Call... View Post
  • The Brand Stylist Retreat

    I wrote this blog post, whilst we were flying through the clouds after the most amazing four days away in Mallorca on The Brand Stylist Retreat I’m on the plane! I’m not sure I can really absorb what has happened. Whilst I feel quite tired due to the intense journey we’ve just been on, I feel a ... View Post
  • My brand new blog is live!

    I am very excited to start blogging again.  I plan to post about everything that inspires me, from new interior trends, new stock, sourcing trips, our workshops and brocante tours.  My trips away, to the Dordogne with French Loaf and Mallorca on The Brand Stylist Retreat. For now, I'll just get... View Post