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  • Girly Girl!

    Girly Girl!

    One of my favourite colour combinations is Green and Pink.  Living in a house full of testosterone, I have managed to squeeze quite a bit of Pink into our home...

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  • Your Graceland!

    50 days of lockdown and 5lbs heavier, I’ve had a lot of time and more weight behind me to contemplate. I see other independent shops selling online, doing doorstep deliveries...

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    Your Graceland!
  • House Plant Tour

    House Plant Tour

    After worrying that I'd planted my Runner Beans and Courgettes out too early, I spent the evening in the bath reading 'How to Grow' by Hollie Newton.  A guide for...

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  • Australia - Part One: Memory Lane...

    I started my lockdown journey full of optimism that I would start baking and waft around the house in linen! In reality, I’m dreadful at baking and after a failed...

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    Australia - Part One: Memory Lane
  • Thank you!

    Thank you!

    How have you all been my fellow Hunker Downers? If you’re not following Leslie Jordan on Instagram, you really should! He makes me smile daily! @thelesliejordan The weeks do seem...

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