I’m sure for those of you with young children, you will be looking forward to next week, albeit with mixed emotions. Getting back to some sort of a routine and spending perhaps five minutes of the day without being asked what there is to eat.

I’ve never really been one for a routine. My husband was brought up with very organised parents. Extremely tidy, very clean, meals at the same time each day ... my upbringing was the polar opposite. My Mum would be playing her Guitar in the garden surrounded by animals when we got home from school and when my Dad got back from work, (if he was actually in the country) my Mum would say, “are you going to see Lara and Kate”, he would reply “Why? have they changed since the last time I saw them?

Our childhood in South Africa
(that's me in the middle!)

I’m not sure Jonathan really knew what he was getting himself into when he married me. Whilst I can’t play the Guitar, I would normally be found painting something or be in the garage when our boys came home from school and I’d forage in the cupboards for dinner, rather than have anything that resembled a meal plan. This still drives my husband mad to this day, but lucky for me, I married a Fireman who was used to putting things away after they had used them and doesn’t mind a Supermarket shop. He tells people on a daily basis, if he didn’t cook, we wouldn’t eat!

So I’ve never really had a strict routine or a conventional working week as I worked nearly every weekend as a wedding planner and then with my hire company. Then of course I got this mad idea about owning a shop. Despite that, there has always been some sort of structure to my day, getting up at the same time, opening up the shop, visiting the wholesaler etc., whatever your routine is, lockdown has certainly been challenging for many with the disruption of the regular pattern of life.

I’m sure a lot of you will miss staying in your PJ’s until late morning and adding filters to your Zoom calls to hide the devastation in the background. But with optimistic pandemic news and Spring making an appearance, isn’t it exciting to be getting back to a little routine? Now, I never thought I’d ever be saying that!

and a gentle reminder not to forget Mother's Day!

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