I'm sure you'll know by now that our house was a full renovation project. From the moment I stood at the entrance of the boarded up door, I knew exactly what I would do with it.  I did initially have grand plans for a two storey extension with a Master Bedroom Suite, but early on I realised we would never be able to afford it.

Existing Layout

You will see on the left what is described as a 'Workshop/Utility Room'.  We called it 'The Carbuncle'.  When we came to view the house, we went through the Carbuncle which the previous owner had built out of wood and corrugated plastic.  It had a DIY wood burning stove and looked more like a log cabin.  A log cabin that looked like somewhere a murderer might live.  I think Mr R spent most of his time in this room, tinkering ... and plotting murders. Directly outside the Carbuncle was a caravan, presuably where he kept the bodies. Sorry, this is not the direction I want this blog post to go in!

This photo was actually on the Estate Agents details!

Our second storey plans were soon shelved and instead we would extend the kitchen out another 3m to create a dining area.  The integral garage would become a walk in Pantry leading into a Utility and Boot Room.  I think I'm more excited about the Pantry than any other room in the house. Somewhere to store my large collection of vases, platters and other serveware that have been banished to the loft for years.

Image / Humphrey Munson

Image / Devol

Our existing kitchen will be turned into a Snug.  If anyone knows of a more suitable word for this room, please let me know. The space where our old boiler lived will be turned into a Bar. Not with optics or anything, just a wine fridge and shelves for glasses and Gin. Lots of Gin. I'd love some antique mirrored glass at the back of the shelves, although I might have to rein that idea in too.

Image / Gillrays

I did a quick tour of the space on Instagram highlights before we knocked down the carbuncle. It was a very useful space over the years, but I definitely don't miss it.

So we'll be taking up our patio and digging the footings over the next few weeks.  I can't wait for a digger to arrive and all the muddy mess.  Fingers crossed we don't find any bodies!

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  • Wendy Smith

    How exciting Kate, the wait is finally over! I’ll be avidly watching your progress 😁 Feel better soon too 🤞☕🫂

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