We have worked like trojans behind the scenes to get everything ready to open on Monday. We have worked on even more renovations, if there is another lockdown, we won’t have anything left to do. We have literally renovated every inch of this shop. A shop we love and are so grateful we’ve managed to cling on to, despite the obstacles that have been in our way during this pandemic. The resentment that so many other shops similar to ours have remained open is starting to subside and we look forward to happy times ahead.

We are happy that we’ve kept Amelia working to help us make so many improvements to our business. I would rather eat bread and jam and pay her! If you’ve signed up to mailing list, you would have enjoyed our weekly ramblings and the most exciting improvements is our new barcode system. Yes, when you visit you may even know how much things are and my days with a Sharpie are a distant memory.

Claire Naylor Photography

As the only way we could sell anything was through Click and Collect we had no choice but to set up our website. It was never our intention to be an online business, but it is a good step and I think it will come into its own when we’re actually open as often people would ask if we’re online as they leave. We are really pleased with how it’s looking, thanks to regular photo shoots with Claire and can’t wait for our next shoot when the shop will actually be open. If you need some new images for your business, give us a shout for details of our Brand Styling package.

Claire Naylor Photography

We have introduced new treats to our Coffee Bar. Our popular Pasties de Nata’s are back on the menu, along with Salted Caramel Brownies, German Doughnuts, Red Velvet, Oat & Raisin & Double Chocolate Cookies (they’re huge!) and we are looking forward to weekly specials from local bakers. The full selection will be served on Friday and Saturday and once they’re gone, they’re gone, so get in early! If you’re going anywhere special and would like to order any, we can gift box. Our Coffee is as good as ever (although have you tried our Australian Hot Chocolate?) and has kept us going these past months. If you are local, do sign up to our Coffee Club. Amelia and I have persuaded Jonathan to do Iced Coffee when the weather warms up, so we can’t wait for that.

We are excited to introduce you to our new suppliers, mostly small UK independent businesses selling incredible Eco friendly products that also look amazing. The one that has kept me going this week is Bave. After a day in the shop, the Epsom Salts and Bath Soak really do lift the pain out of me.

The first customer through the door tomorrow will win a £10 Gift Voucher and a FREE cup of coffee, so get your thermals on and form an orderly (2m) queue!

See you tomorrow. Xx

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