Did anyone watch Interior Design Masters last night?  This week three teams of two, designed three very different independent shops in Tunbridge Wells. The brief was all about the customer experience throughout the shop, essential to having any chance of competing in the online world of today. 

Interior Design Masters

I couldn't agree more. As a stylist, our shop is all about the visual displays and I'm struggling with the fact I can't create the shop windows I'd like, to entice customers through the doors. Spring is my favourite styling season, especially Easter when my abandonded nests and fake speckled eggs come out of hibernation. Probably the most frustrating thing for our customers is that many display items aren't for sale.  Do you know how long it takes to find abandoned nests?

Some of my favourite shops all have beautiful creative styling and merchandising and you can spend many hours just browsing. I love it when customers spend a long time in our shop, even when they don't buy anything.  It makes me happy knowing they like being there and perhaps taking away some inspiration for their own homes. Petersham Nurseries is top on my list, both at Richmond and Covent Garden.

Petersham Nurseries, Covent Garden

My favourite shops always seem to have uniquely styled retail spaces combined with a Deli and either a Cafe or Restaurant, like Daylesford Organic Farm Shop and Burford Garden Company.

I can't wait to be able to offer some seating in our courtyard for people to enjoy a coffee and make their visit last a little longer. In my head it will have a large canopy with festoon lighting and will be filled with oversized ferns and palms, if only the garden were part of the shop too. We will have to wait a while yet, the powers that be say we'll be seeing you on 12th April. This seemed such a long way off at first, but we have a plan and it will keep us busy in the meantime. Amelia has already swapped roles and is now our full time model!

 Claire Naylor Photography

We would love you to join our Mailing List. Last week we had our first * GIVEAWAY * which we will continue every month for everyone on our Mailing List. So make sure you sign up for a chance of winning next months prize. Congratulations to Fran who won a Bramley Exfoliating Scrub and Bubble Bath, a perfect combination for some well deserved relaxation.

Enjoy that Spring sunshine. x

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