This time last week, I was foraging in the undergrowth for interesting foliage and rading my Mother's garden for a Brand Styling Shoot.  My Mum is my 'go to' for interesting flora and fauna and an unusual selection of curiosities.  Where do you think I get it from?

I'm always intrigued when I get booked to style a shoot, because I genuinly think that the client I've been booked to style for, do an an amazing job themselves.  Mary from the Wonky Wheel Gallery in Finchingfiled is no exception.  She has created a light filled studio of carefully curated indepedent artists and makers across East Anglia. Selling beautiful artwork, ceramics, textiles, homeware, jewellery and cards.

Mary’s main aim was to bring her products to life. A fresh pair of eyes and a skilled photographer is often all you need. I arrived in the beautiful town of Finchingfield and carried my boxes of blooms, chippy old doors, wooden platters and more, up the stairs to her lovely studio which overlooks the duck pond. It couldn’t be in a more picturesque location.

Claire and I ran through everything we needed to shoot and Mary told us what she was proposing to use the images for.  After shooting some flat lays of the most stunning linens, I filled some of the beautiful ceramics with foliage that complemented each piece. The shoot progressed organically as I filled each vessel. It’s always essential to have a shot list and structure, but I often find the best shots are those that are unplanned. My friend Katy who’s an Interior Architect plans everything within an inch of its life. Understandably, it’s her job. I often don’t know how things are going to look until I actually do it. When I styled a Bar or Restaurant, Katy would say to me “are you just going to wing it?” We laughed, the answer was always yes! I know what is likely to work in the space, but until you’re there, something else my work better.

So we had a lot of fun on this shoot and things really did come to life. I’ve got my eye on a few pieces for my new kitchen. Some of these beautiful hand printed tea towels and this delightful pot.

You really should pop in and take a look around. The gallery is open Wed-Saturday 10am-4pm.


All images shot by Claire Naylor as part of our Brand Styling package. If you would like more details or have any questions, drop us an email.

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