So this blog post should start with "Hi, my name is Kate and I have an interiors magazine addiction!"

Until recently, I had piles and piles of magazines all over the house. Next to my bed, on the coffee table, on shelves, all over the office. That was until I had a complete meltdown and threw them all in the bin! I didn't even flick through them all again, like I normally do when I think I should give some away, I just dumped them in the recyling bin!  I blame the builder, who called a few days before he was due to start our foundations, to say that he wouldn't be!  I don't even know why I'm telling you this, I'd just like to share the disappointment.

Thankfully my collection of 91 Magazine wasn't included in the cull. Then I really would be crazy! Although I don't think you would call 91 Magazine a magazine strangely, it's so much more.  It's a mix of Home Tours, Independent Shop Tours, beautiful articles, delicious recipes and the most stunning photography throughout. This issue, Volume Eleven, is based around the theme 'grow'.  Editor Caroline Rowland says in the foreward, "Growth is a concept relevant to so many areas of our lives, both personally and professionally - the sense of wellbeing gained from living with nature, as well as our own personal growth and that of our creativity, careers and businesses."

A little envious that the Garden Centres have been able to stay open, but they've always been somewhere I've loved to visit.  They feature six which includes one of my favourite destinations and one which I've written about before, Petersham Nurseries and also includes Botanicah in Melbourne, Pistils in Portland, Rosendals Tradgard in Stockholm, Secret Herb Garden in Edinburgh and W6 Garden Centre in London.  I'm now on a mission to visit each and every one.

They also peek behind the doors of four inspiring workplaces, which includes the lovely Kay Prestney from Kinship Creative Design Consultancy who I have had the pleasure of meeting and have attended one of her workshops.  Amongst many projects, she has built the most stunning Garden Room out of recycled materials. 

It was nice to share with Kay, my advice on renovating my Black Greenhouse which seems to have snowballed with her many Instagram followers. It's so much more satisfying renovating something old. I think we need a new hashtag, #myblackgreenhouse.

Claire Naylor Photography

It's lovely to see that many of the shops and homes feature fabulous house plants.  I can't imagine a home without house plants now, although I'm not sure my husband shares my enthusiasm as there is normally always one plant (or more) in the kitchen sink most days.  He is relieved that I now have the Greenhouse to repot in at least and if and when a builder does decide to show up, I'll have a Utility Room to water my house plants in and occassionally wash clothes.

The latest issue is as gorgeous as ever, so get yourself a copy and don't forget to share with them online #my91magazine.


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