If you are on our Mailing List, you will have received our Newsletter about how we feel it's now important to start adding vintage pieces to our website. The 'one of a kind' pieces customers travel to our shop to find.  When customers would visit and see something they liked, but went away to think about it, they would often return and be disappointed to find the item had sold.  We used to have a sign in the shop that read:-

"The item you saw today and want to think about tonight, will be sold later today to the person who saw it yesterday and thought about it last night!"


It's so true. There are countless times I've done it myself, especially when we've been away and it's not possible to return. My husband does it to me all the time.  We were once in Bruges, many years ago before we had kids (our eldest is 21) and I saw the most gorgeous inexpensive painting in the window of a pretty little shop.  He said, "Oh, don't go in now, we'll come back tomorrow", dragging me away from the window.  Well after thinking about that little painting all evening, we went back the next day to find the shop was closed. As you can tell, I've never forgiven him, infact we're barely talking!

I am always on the lookout for interesting wall art on my buying trips. Paintings, prints, mirrors, objects. Objects look lovely on walls.  A particular favourite are floral paintings and prints and my latest addiction, a nice moody scene. They look amazing on white walls and feature in many homes designed by stylist Lynda Gardener in Australia. 

Hunter & Folk

As quoted on a recent blog post in Upcyclist:-

"Lynda is a true artist when it comes to blending the old and the new for interiors.  A talented stylist, collector and curator, Lynda continues to transform old properties into cool contemporary living spaces, such as The Apartment and The White House, using her fantastic eye for vintage."

The Upcyclist

Hunter & Folk

I have followed Lynda for many many years from when I lived in Melbourne.  I was devastated to discover her shop, Empire Vintage had closed when I visited this time last year.  And the day before we were due to leave, she had a Garage Sale at her Trentham Estate property about an hour out of the City.  It would have been rather selfish of me to ask someone to drive me there on our last day, so I didn't go.  I now have to live vicariously through my friend Jana, who went to her last sale, but Lynda did write me a little note.

I will frame it when it arrives!

So we hope that when you can visit again and see something you like and didn't purchase, that it will be on our website. Claire photographed more vintage pieces last week, but up first are some paintings and prints. These small original watercolours are delightful, I wouldn't even frame them.

and this Pamela Davis would be on my wall if I wasn't banned from another floral.

Pamela Davis

So once they're gone, they're gone and they too will be a distant memory like my little Bruges painting.

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