As we all spend more time at home, our interior space is more important than ever.  For some the aesthetics aren't as important, but for all of us, our environment is fundamental to our wellbeing.  We are all told that exercise and nutrition is essential for our mental health, but where we live, in my opinion, must play an important role in our happiness. This doesn't mean spending a fortune on interior design or the latest must haves.  It's about making your space personal to you and make you feel inspired to get out of bed each day.

When I styled weddings and events, I would always tell clients, even those with healthy budgets, not to style the whole venue, but a small area to create the most impact. 

Book Launch / Love My Dress

Paperfest with Cath Kidston

Hayford & Rhodes at BAFTA

Remember the days when we could go to parties and most people gravitate towards the kitchen?  We've had countless gatherings with 30/40 guests all crammed into our kitchen, while the rest of the house remained empty! Think about making one room or even a corner of a room your sanctuary to enjoy spending time in.  Add a new cushion, a few accessories to complement, a scented candle and my essential for making me feel happy, is a plant or two.  Bringing nature indoors is proven to bring health and happiness.  It even has a name, Biophilia and yes, it's legal!  I'll write more on that another time.

Velvet Poppies Cushion

So paint one wall of a room or a small display cabinet and fill them with the things you love to make the weeks and months we have left indoors a happy one.

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