I say it all the time, one day I’ll write my own book. I have some ideas, it might happen.

In the absence of a book deal, I’m addicted to buying others. Not novels like my sister who did a degree in literature and has read more books than I thought humanly possible. She would say to me “Kate, you might like this book. It’s got big writing!” I’m with Andy Warhol ....

King and McGaw

I don’t have time for reading novels. I read books and look at pictures of interiors, although I’ve recently expanded my repertoire to books on growing vegetables! 

One of my favourite interior stylists is Hans Blomquist. I have three of his books, ‘The Natural Home’, ‘In the Mood for Colour’ and ‘In Detail’.

Another favourite stylist is Lynda Gardener, based in Melbourne, Australia. When I heard she had written a book called ‘Curate’ with Ali Heath, a UK based interiors writer, I was first in the preorder queue. I came across Lynda when I lived in Melbourne in the early 90’s. That’s how long I’ve been obsessed with anything vintage and interiors related. As written at the beginning of the book, “it’s an obsession - a healthy obsession - that burns within”.

Some books are disappointing, this is not. I can relate to every word and every beautiful image. A friend asked me recently ...

Q: What colour is your kitchen going to be?

A: White

Q: And the walls?

A: White

Q: And tiles?

A: White

Q: Worktops?

A: White

It sounds like I’m designing a veterinary surgery, but it will be far from clinical. I will be adding lots of plants, vintage furniture, faded pictures, objects of varying oddity and splashes of Green in vases, pots, tableware. In ‘Curate’, they talk about why monochrome works ...

White has a timeless appeal - fresh, practical, restorative and immensely relaxing.

With a limited palette, collections stand out and become easy to curate.

A simple monochrome palette gets better with time and works perfectly with old and new finds.

‘Curate’ features Lynda’s stunning properties, I’ll be staying in one with my friend Jana one day. I like to dream!

The stunning images by Marnie Hawson make it a book to treasure forever.

Photographs Claire Naylor Photography 

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