As a destination shop, it’s quite difficult to know what to write about.  I can wax lyrical about everything we have for sale in the shop, what new displays we are creating and all the lovely plants I’ve bought to fill every orifice. Now that the doors are closed, I’m trying to fill the void, creating a beautiful website that you’ll want to visit too. With so much competition out there, it feels like we’re wading through treacle, but knowing how long it’s taken for the shop to grow, I’m realistic online sales won’t happen overnight.

I love our new website design, thanks to my gorgeous and ever so supportive friend Sarah who lives her life on a deserted island. Her and her husband, along with their beautiful daughter, have renovated an oasis on Bryher, Seriously Scilly. She’s a complete towny who would have her hair and nails done weekly and looks immaculate from the moment she wakes up. She was like this from the day we met at the start of secondary school. Have you been watching Firefly Lane on Netflix, my latest binge watch? Well that’s me and Sarah. She is Tully and I am, coincidentally, Kate and yes, I too had Deidre Barlow glasses and permed hair. The resemblances and antics are uncanny!


I’m so pleased with how the website is looking, especially with the amazing photography Claire Naylor has been taking each week, but we do need to think about what we sell online. I have been focusing on every day products from our suppliers, but they also have their own websites. This is OK when people visit the shop and their purchases are impulsive rather than checking online directly or finding it cheaper on another site. I love the suppliers we stock, Join, Bramley etc., but when we mention them or tag them in posts, it’s often easier for customers to buy them direct. We just can’t compete in some cases.

So I know the key to our success is focusing on the vintage one of a kind pieces and collections that are unique to us. The things that ordinarily people would travel to our shop to see, that makes us stand out from the big online retailers.

So that’s my focus now, because at this moment, I’m having a little lockdown breakdown at not knowing when we’ll be able to open the shop again. It will pass, I’ll keep being inspired and after all, I’m getting some time to watch Netflix!

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