House Plants

... do you need anything else in life? I think plant shopping has overtaken vintage shopping. They both, by far, outweigh clothes shopping! If you agree, read on, if not, I’ll try and entertain you next week.

The addition of plants started gradually in both the shop and at home. I would mainly visit the wholesalers for fresh flowers and homeware, but would pick up a plant or two. The collection gradually grew and before long, they became an important part of the shop. Since the last lockdown, they now have a room all of their own.

Certain plants work well in certain rooms, mainly due to light and temperature, but also for other reasons.

There are so many wonderful plants that work well in living rooms and add personality to your space. They can live on shelves, coffee tables, mantel pieces. I like to group them in corners at different heights. Some plants might not like a warm room or cope next to an open fire or the other extreme, when the fire isn’t lit, there may be a draught.

Great plants for Living Rooms:-

Fiddle Leaf Fig
ZZ Plant

Having plants in your kitchen can bring the outside in. Plants in kitchens should be able to tolerate heat and humidity. A great idea is to use plants that help clean the air of chemicals used in cleaning products, so look out for air purifying plants.

Great plants for Kitchens:-

Boston Fern
Devils Ivy

The bedroom should be your sanctuary. Adding a house plant or two can add to your relaxation and certain plants are even proven to help you sleep better as they produce oxygen at night. 

Great plants for Bedrooms:-

Peace Lily
Spider Plant

Bathrooms will benefit from air purifying plants and like in a kitchen will help clean the air to minimise the chemicals used in cleaning. Some plants thrive in the humidity of a steamy bathroom!

Great plants for Bathrooms:-

Aloe Vera
Parlour Palm


If there is a particular plant you are looking for, I will happily track it down for you.  We also work with interior designers and stylists sourcing plants for larger projects, so happy to help there too.

Plants sourced for An Artful Life Studio

I only buy plants for the shop that I know are easy to keep. If they are slightly needy, I don’t buy them again. We take good care of them all and hope when you buy them, they bring you as much joy as they do to us. We will give you advice on how to keep your plants happy and healthy. Everyone needs a house plant or two in the life. Pop in and see us.

Photos / Claire Naylor Photography
An Artful Life Studio / Patrick Williamson Photography

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