Whilst we definitely didn't want to be closed in November in the run up to Christmas, one thing this lockdown has given me and I'm sure some of you, is time to breathe.  Whilst we have been busier than ever, making changes to our business to ensure we survive this pandemic, it has actually given me the luxury of time to think and make plans.

I probably would have liked to spend some of the time off watching Netflix, I hear The Crown is quite good?  Instead I've been sourcing new suppliers for our Home Store, so that when we reopen in December, it's filled with lots of new and interesting things and of course new displays. I'll be talking about them all individually in regular Stockist posts, but here's a quick summary to whet your appetite:-

Like with most of our brands, Plewsy is a small, independent British brand, based in North Yorkshire, not far from where I used to live. Great memories of first loves (plural!), Yarm Fair and Youth Club. The designs I've chosen, fit perfectly with our brand and I love our limited edition mug. Be quick though, once they're gone, they're gone.

White & Green
We have some beautiful new baskets which look perfect under our new permanent feature, our gorgeous Pink Sink.  I wonder how long it will take before someone asks to buy it?  These basket were crying out for, you guessed it, toilet roll! Not just any toilet roll. White & Green is made from bamboo with plastic free packaging.  For each box I buy, White & Green provide one person with clean drinking water for a year. And I won't lie, I may have also been drawn to their aesthetics, the rolls will look super stylish in our bathroom.

Speaking of those baskets, we've had a lovely new delivery with three sizes in each design.  Perfect for almost anything.  You can use them to put plants in, in the bathroom, in your bedroom for hair drying paraphernalia, for kids toys, you can even use them as a Christmas Hamper and fill them with lovely treats for your loved ones.  A great gift to pop by a door if you're unable to go inside.

We'll also be making up our own hampers.  We have some lovely card boxes which we're going to wrap in a raffia bow.  You can choose what you put inside at various price points.  We'll be looking at costs for posting these too, so you can send some treats to someone special. We also have some shallow wicker trays which will look extra special and you know we love to wrap. Remember that scene in Love Actually? That's me ...

Would you like it gift-wrapped?
Yes, alright.
Lovely, let me just pop it in the box.
Look, can we be quite quick?
Certainly Sir, ready in the flashiest of flashes!
That's great.
Not quite finished...(pulls out a plastic bag]
Actually, I don't need a bag, I'll just put it in my pocket
Oh this isn't a bag Sir., this is SO much more than a bag...

You have to watch it.

  • So that's a little insight into what delights we'll have for you.  If 2nd December isn't already etched on your forehead, it's the date we'll be opening our doors again.  We will be opening SEVEN days a week to make up for lost time and we'll clearly be 'essential' now as we stock toilet roll.

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