How have you all been my fellow Hunker Downers? If you’re not following Leslie Jordan on Instagram, you really should! He makes me smile daily! @thelesliejordan

The weeks do seem to be flying by. Perhaps it’s because I’ve written myself the biggest ‘to do’ list known to man! If I had nothing to do, I’m sure it would drag, so my top tip is - get busy!!

I’ve been thinking for a while how I could make a Rainbow in my shop window. There are so many other lovely contributions around our town. A flag flying on the door of Clarence House, in the home above their shop in Gifted and the beautifully detailed Rainbow by Sophie at Ladles & Jellyspoons.

I’ve used paper lanterns many times when I was an Event Stylist. Many weddings at Gaynes Park ...

A Circus themed Awards Night and 30th Birthday Party party for Pitcher & Piano

and they feature quite a lot in our shop window displays too!

I’m never quite sure how things are going to turn out when I start a new window! I tend to start with one object or a certain colour palette and build from there. I’d bought lanterns in bright rainbow colours in various sizes and some paper streamers. I thought it would take about half an hour! As I worked my way through the colours of the rainbow, it did in fact take over two!!

I am in awe of anyone who works in the NHS. Everyone knows that I have the worst sick phobia and the thought of going anywhere near a hospital even under normal circumstances is likely to cause a panic attack! I think about my good friend Jill in Australia who’s been caring for COVID patients and whenever I feel slightly down, I think of her. These Doctors and Nurses are not only caring for these patients, they are putting their own lives at risk.

It’s also a thank you to the other key workers ensuring we keep things going while the majority of us stay at home in lockdown. Teachers, public transport workers, supermarket staff, the Royal Mail, refuse collectors, delivery drivers - thank you!

I hope if you pass by the shop, you look at our Rainbow and think how lucky you are that we have all these people to support our country during this dreadful pandemic. We will be clapping on our doorstep again this evening and wish you all another safe week.

thank you    stay home    stay safe

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