Was the Easter weekend any different for you than any other weekend since lockdown? With the absence of small children (which I am grateful for, as I’d be hopeless at homeschooling!) and the absence of an obscene amount of chocolate (which I’m also very grateful for, I prefer white wine!) it was pretty much the same for us.


As we go into our fourth week, I feel I should make a timetable of work, housework, maybe even a meal plan?  Who am I kidding?  I'll probably just spend the next month like the last, in my Greenhouse sowing seeds to grow vegetables I don't even eat!!  I did clean the bathroom yesterday!  I've been watching Clean and Gleam It on IG stories @cleanandgleamit  How Georgia finds the energy to do so much cleaning each day, I'll never know!  Poor Adam (her husband) I bet he wanders around the house on his eyelashes!  I love watching Georgia.  I've even purchased a Superzorb Squeaky Clean Antibacterial Environmentally friendly cloth!  My own bathroom is gleaming!

Seriously though, the story of my life is I tend to get so sidetracked and only do the jobs I love, leaving everything else. Many years ago I went on a marketing course (I’ve been on many to no avail!) and they presented the square of productivity. The Eisenhower Matrix!  Important and urgent, urgent but not important, important but not urgent, not important and not urgent! Well I do everything in the last box! All of the time! 

I always have lots to do and many new ideas, so I’m not lazy. Far from it! I don’t sit down during the day and read a book or watch a film. But I think I need more structure in my life to get some of the important things done.


Although I probably don't really need to be doing anything at all, I feel it's important for me to keep engaging and finding ways of keeping my shop ticking along. Thinking of new ideas and generally planning for when for when we reopen, whenever that may be.  I think the blog is a good start.  I'll try to mix it up each week and not just talk about my Tomatoes!

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How do you keep motivated? Do you write schedules and lists and stick to them? I’d love to know. 



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