Finding new suppliers for our shop that fit in with our brand, our values and our aesthetics is harder than you think. We are an independent store which strives to sell things you can’t find easily elsewhere, this is no mean feat.
Photo / Bramley
One of my first priorities is, would I have it in my own home? This includes everything. The furniture I source, down to the plants I buy. If I can’t keep the plants alive in my own home, I don’t buy them again for the shop. This is the customer service I hope you appreciate when you buy from us rather than the big guys.  When you buy a plant from us, you know I have got up at 4.30am and selected it personally.

Strelitzia sourced for An Artful Life

So when I find new suppliers, the same goes for the stockists. They are also small independents that don’t want just anyone selling their products. Bramley is a well respected brand, sold in beautiful places such as Chelsea Physic Garden , the oldest Botanic Garden in London and Fortnum & Mason and found in many National Trust properties. It wasn’t just a case of, are there any shops stocking them in the local area. I had to tell them about my business and why I thought my store would be a good fit for their brand. I liked that!

They also said they would rather not take on any new stockists to concentrate on dedicating their time to their existing customers. I liked that too, although with Christmas upon us, I was very keen to stock our shelves before 2021.
Photo / Bramley
So a compromise was met and I will be selling a limited range to get us started:-

Hand Wash & Hand Cream - with Lavender, Geranium & Petigrain Essential Oils
Hand Sanitiser Gel - with Rosemary, Spearmint & Peppermint Essential Oils

You will want to bathe in the Hand Santiser, not reach for a line of salt and a wedge of lime when your pour neat Tequila onto your palm.

Photo / Bramley

We have three sizes of the Hand Sanitiser, 250ml, 100ml and a handy 50ml handbag size.
So they arrived in the shop yesterday and already on our website. I had my own mini photo shoot!

We will be planning our own product photography for our website when we're out of lockdown.
Check them out on our website under BATH & BODY.

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