Yesterday seemed to be the time of reflection. Many people I follow posted similar stories on IG and all the IGTV’s I watched were in the same vein! The realisation that this was the new norm and we had to make the most of the situation we found ourselves in.

As I’m unable to work either selling online or delivery due to the restrictions placed on me by the Government, I’ve been thinking about what I can do to keep my shop and interior design business alive!  Something that would help you whilst you are in the same situation, unable to leave the confinements of your home, with perhaps more time on your hands than before!

If you have an idea to revamp and restyle a room in your home, send me a photo, perhaps an image on Pinterest or similar of the look you would like to achieve and I will send my thoughts on colour schemes, paint suggestions, perhaps furniture and some finishing touches! It will be a simplified version of my interior design service, but I’ll be offering it absolutely FREE!

They’ll be on a first come, first served basis and restricted to one room per household!

Send me an email or PM me on Instagram or Facebook.  I hope I can help!

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