It's hard to believe that this time four years ago we were planning our shop launch.  I don't really know what came over me when I found myself signing a five year lease on 22 Town Street.


22 Town Street used to be the Chemist.  If you've been into the shop you'll see the beautiful drug run across the back wall which our landlords kindly let us put back.  When I was 14, I got a job at the Chemist on our High Street.  I would literally jump off the bus (he wasn't allowed to stop outside) to dispense drugs three nights a week.  I loved that job.  I would do everything from stock taking, working on the till and probably the most frightening of all, I would take the prescriptions, weigh out the drugs and show them to the Chemist who sat in the corner on his stool.  He never moved from that stool. 

I have a very funny story about my time at the Chemist. I was pricing up these tall thin packets, sorting them into their compartments on a carousel display, in size and what I thought, style! One day this lady came and said, "excuse me, do you have any tights?". "Yes, I replied, they're over there on that carousel."  She wandered over, spun the carousel round and walked straight out the shop.  I thought she mustn't like our selection of tights.  Until a few weeks later when I was restocking the carousel and read one of the packets, 'Large Ribbed Condoms'!

I digress. So, this time four years ago, we were frantically trying to get everything ready to open our doors. I remember being so nervous about absolutely everything. 

I think I was most worried that no-one would come, but the flowers were arranged, the Bellini's were poured and the people came.

Unfortunately I can't offer you a Peach Bellini or any other cocktail this year thanks to the small issue of a global Pandemic.  Instead we are offering 10% off (excluding the coffee bar) this week Tues-Thurs if you have a chance to pop in and say hi.

Cheers to four years!


Thanks once again to Claire Naylor for the photographs.  It's so lovely to look back at them.

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