This time next week is Christmas Eve. If I told you we don’t have our tree up, would you believe me? Filling the shop with festive cheer takes precedent over our own home. If I had young children, I’d feel worse, although my 19 year old did ask, “is that our Christmas Tree this year?” pointing to a wooden frosted tree a few inches tall. I’ll get the boxes down from the loft soon.

The one thing I’ve really missed this year is having friends over for dinner. Unfortunately our garden is like the Somme, so that’s not conducive to outdoor entertaining.

Over the years, we’ve worked out the best way we entertain. The times I’ve started a few little wines whilst cooking, got chatting when our guests arrive, more little wines and then ... what dinner? So now I generally prepare all the food in advance, spend time on making the table look lovely with, I quote “unnecessary faff” and when our guests arrive, my husband takes over. Mainly to ensure we eat, but mostly to get all the glory! A small price to pay for an evening with friends I’d say.

One of my ‘unnecessary faffs’ is Glitter Glasses. It’s so easy to do, costs about 40p and if you have young children, they can help too. I used to worry about using edible glitter, but now I also use straws too after one New Years Eve, we were all wearing blue glitter lipstick whilst trying to eat our starter!

All you need is some eggs, just a few will do, some glitter and your glasses:-

You only need the egg whites, so separate and put into a bowl wide enough for your glasses to be dipped into. Only dip it in a little as you only want a rim around the edge:-

Remove and carefully dip into the glitter:-

Repeat, repeat, repeat.  It's a simple as that!

So even though it’s probably just family entertaining this year, it’s still nice to take a bit of effort to make everything look a bit special, probably this year more than ever.

Photos by Claire Naylor Photography


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