You would think we will be used to it now as this is the second time we've been asked to close our shop.  The first lockdown I was devastated for the first few weeks, then after a while I got quite used it and then I just thought, what shop?  I think I got into the swing of it as we were all in it together.  This time, some shops, unlike last time could remain open so it didn't seem fair that we had to close.  I am not moaning about it, as we need to do our bit and I'm still very grateful that we still have a business and can open our doors tomorrow.  Many haven't been so fortunate and that is utterly heartbreaking.

Like last time, opening the shop again feels like the first day back at school after a six week holiday. Will we still have any customers? Will anyone come and see us?  It's strange that I still get nervous about it, but even after four years I still do and we’ve only been closed a month!

Amelia and I have enjoyed the time getting organised.  Some of you will have joined our Mailing List and received our weekly Newsletter. We've got lots of lovely new things, more arrived in yesterday including some amazing lamps and delicious white glazed bowls which are already filled with artichokes (of the faux variety). We have a new delivery of our European glazed patterned pots which are now as rare as hens teeth (do we blame Brexit or is that old news?). I think I'm most excited about our Pink Sink. If that isn’t enough to entice you, well??

So I hope you can alleviate some of the nerves and come and see us this week. As you may have seen, we will be open SEVEN days a week in December:-

Monday - Saturday - 10AM - 5PM
Sunday - 11AM - 4PM

Just a little note about Coffee Club.  We started it for lockdown to keep our regular customers fully caffeinated, but we will be continuing it, making it more of a discount club. You still sign up for £15 and get SIX coffees. So if you drink an Oat Milk Salted Caramel Latte, that's a great deal!  I think I'll just stick to my Skinny Flat White.

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