Who doesn’t love a hamper? I used to do one every year for my Dad with the obligatory Werthers Originals, Fig Chutney and a festive cheese. The last few years I’ve done them for my boys, all three of them. A foodie one for the eldest (although food deprivation is a thing of the past). The youngest received a preening hamper (what else do you do at 18/19?) and the husband a Coffee hamper. Although now he’s a Coffee geek, I’m not sure what I buy him will cut the mustard. Maybe I’ll just buy him mustard?

So we have prepared some hamper ideas at various price points.

To eat ...

To pamper ...

To relax ...

These are just ideas starting from £25, but whatever your budget, we are very happy to help you choose. They’ll be spruced up with cello and a big bow! They also make great doorstep gifts if you’re unable to go inside.

We are also working on Gift Boxes, so keep a look out for those too!

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