Well my exciting news this week did not include Boris announcing a national lockdown.  I completely understand why it's necessary. To be honest, I would rather this happen to protect everyone and hope we get some control over the pandemic, but for a small independent business, it's heartbreaking.  To close in what would hopefully have been one of our busiest months is devastating.

But I am not here for pity.  I've drunk half a bottle of Pinot Noir and we are going to go out with a bang.  We will now be open every day until Wednesday evening when we have to close.  I will put the cork back into my wine and we will be open tomorrow.  Yes, on a Sunday.  You'd like decent coffee on Sunday morning right?

Our opening hours will be:

SUNDAY - 11am - 3pm
MONDAY - 10am - 4pm
TUESDAY - 10am - 4pm
WEDNESDAY - 10am - midnight

Crossing fingers, I'm happy to stay open until midnight!

To entice you out and ensure I won't have 567 plants to look after, we will have a SALE.

25% off ALL PLANTS


Be bright and early for the plants.  They will seriously make you happy in lockdown.


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