I’ve never been someone who needs to be told they’re doing a good job. When my husband tells others that I’m not a very good housewife, it gets me out of cooking and washing up. I’d say that was pretty smart. Although for the record I have cooked two consecutive nights! If I was a housewife, I think I would actually be quite good at it, but instead I chose to run a business. One I might add that has been supported by aforementioned husband, so he’s not that critical and if he was, would I listen? Believing in yourself is the first step to running any business ... or household.

Not too bad? Shout if you want the recipe.

As you can tell I’m in a rather reflective mood as we enter 2021. We have survived two lockdowns. Fingers crossed a third as we join Tier 4 with most of the country. I seek comfort in the fact my Australian friends, who I shared such special times with at the beginning of the year, have endured almost six months continuous lockdown and now have a handful of cases across Melbourne. As I see them resume their lives with dinner dates and gatherings, there is hope we’ll do the same soon. I believe that it will get better, albeit it slower than we first thought and we will open our shop doors again.

Every small business owner has to believe that their business will survive whether we’re in a pandemic or not, otherwise they would never have started it in the first place. Don’t think I have rose tinted glasses. Bad things have happened to me in my working life, but I’ve just got on with it and believed that something better would be around the corner. If you change your mind set, it’s easier to cope with.

It’s the small things. In the bio of my Instagram page, I changed the opening hours to ‘CLOSED for now’ and immediately changed it to ‘OPEN soon!’ Who knows when that will be, but with that written there infront of me, it will feel more positive to me and my customers.

So 2021 is already looking interesting for us all. And that’s how I’ll see it, interesting. There could be many other adjectives to use, but that will do for now.

Good things will happen in 2021, we just have to believe they will.

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