Coffee Lovers Gift Box - Beans

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Perfect for any coffee lover!

1x 180ml Espresso scented Candleman candle

A simple, single scent with a rich fragrance of roasted coffee.

1x 200g Bean coffee bag

Our Coffee blend combines two beans, the first, naturally processed from Serra do Cabral in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. At 1100 metres above sea level, this lush and fertile area has the perfect micro climate to grow stunning coffee.

The second is a Colombian from the Department of Antioquia in the northwest of the country. Growing at around 1700 metres above sea level in mountains that make up part of the Andes.  The cooler evenings and volcanic soils combine to create near perfect conditions for growing coffee. 

You can expect great body, a beautifully balanced acidity, and notes of dark chocolate and hazelnuts. 

Coffee Lovers Gift Box - Beans