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Nathalie Bond - Luxury Organic Skincare

Written by Kate Fletcher


I'm always on the look out for new brands to stock in the shop.  I love candles, but only want to sell the best beautifully packaged soy candles that burn well and the scent lasts throughout the burn.  They may cost a little more, but they burn cleanly and last so much longer which in the long run make them actually more cost effective.  Our latest collection, include The Botancial Candle Co. which I'll introduce you to soon.

In addition to beautiful candles, I've wanted to find an organic skincare range. With Valentines Day approaching, I thought now was the time and was thrilled to discover Nathalie Bond's products.  We share the same idea about packaging with a simple design but with a splash of colour (always great for styling!) and they tick every box for authenticity.

Nathalie Bond is a family business, run by Nat and Andy Bond from their home in Sheffield. Nat's journey began when she became pregnant with her first child. On average, women apply 168 chemicals to their skin every day and many women have no idea what they’re actually using on themselves or the impact on long-term health. Nat made an instant decision to clear out the bathroom cabinet and began blending simple skincare that only contained natural cold pressed oils that are gentle, nourishing and sustainably sourced.

Every product fits into one of four categories: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Nourish, Relax, the ‘essentials’ of beauty care for a more honest, simplified and healthier way of doing beauty and life!

Nathalie Bond specialise in skincare products that are certified to the COSMOS standard by the Soil Association, Europe's most well-respected organic certifying body.   Being COSMOS certified means:-

  • Products are made using only organically farmed ingredients that have been grown without herbicides or synthetic fertilisers.
  • No animal testing
  • No Genetically Modified (GM) ingredients
  • No controversial chemicals
  • No parabens and phthalates
  • No synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances
  • Working to the highest possible environmental and ethical standards

There are too many delicious products to go through, but our current range includes:-

Bath Salts - Bloom & Unwind
Liquid Soap - Bloom, Unwind, Glow & Revive
Soap Bars - Bloom, Unwind, Glow & Revive
Candles - Sunshine in two sizes

I'll tell you a bit about the Liquid Soap today and you can check out their lovely website for more detailed information on their range.  I'll be adding more stock to our range soon depending on public demand!

The liquid soap is a great companion for the toilet sink, kitchen sink, or shower. You can even use it on your hair!  It is formulated using high-quality botanicals to naturally and gently cleanse skin. The creamy low-lather formula is great for all skin types and is delicately scented with essential oils. Just dispense into your hand or a cloth, lather, cleanse, and rinse. One of the key ingredients in their liquid soaps is coconut oil which is packed full of natural anti-oxidants and intensively nourishing fatty acids. They have antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties and are deeply hydrating.

They'll make such a gorgeous gift for Valentines Day, give a little hint!  I can put together a little set, you know I love a bit of packaging!  There may even be rose petals!  "ready in the flashiest of flashes!", wasted on anyone who hasn't seen Rowan Atkinson in Love Actually "this is so much more than a bag" You have to watch - Love Actually!



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